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avatarHi, this is Javi (Javier Soto), and this is my project for my Web Development class.

This is "The Pocky Box" based from the new webpage space on deviantART which features art and art collaborations among a group of anime artists. I have been invited to take part of The Pocky Box project where us friends will display our art without providing our real identity through the deviantART site to concentrate on art itself and not the community world.

What is pocky?

Pocky is a famous snack in shapes of sticks from Japan produced by Ezaki Glico Company (Wikipedia, 2007). They come in many different flavors, from fruits to dairy flavors to many other types of savor. Each of us in the group have adapted a pocky flavor for each of our characters that represents the sticks mixed in "the box". Moreover, each of the characters will represent us, the artists.

The site's purpose

The site's purpose will be a bit more different than its deviantART version counterpart, however. I will be the web developer with the goal in mind to inspire other anime artists and interact with the rest of the group to provide:

It will be a fun site among friends, so it won't be considered very serious (only for Web design purposes). We in no intention pretend to be professionals. We do art for enjoyment and hope that others intimidated by professionals can see that art is for everyone--especially anime art.

Art style

As mentioned before, the art style we do is anime-based (anime is Japanese cartoon). The artwork will be clean; there will be no inappropriate content or language. Rest assured, it will be a safe and comfortable site for everyone.

The Pocky Box concept, characters, art, and website belong to JS, RL, JB, AO, & BB unless otherwise noted.