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Art Tips

Welcome to the tips area where us in The Pocky Box will share some of our art tips to you. However, note that The Pocky Box is still new, and we only have two available items.

Click the links below to be transferred to a demonstration or tutorial
Pen Tool Video Demonstration image link Pen Tool Video Demonstration by JS
A demonstration video of what the pen tool can do in Photoshop for inking sketches. In this video, JS-Kunou uses a simple drawing from December 2004 to ink. Note that even though Photoshop CS3 was used, the most--or all--of the older versions also have the tool.
Basic Pen Tool Tutorial image link
Basic Pen Tool Tutorial by JS-Kunou
This is a tutorial by JS (also known as JS-Kunou) from October of 2006 with the use of images. A little old but still does the work--to teach you how to use the pen tool in Photoshop. Note that Photoshop CS was used but older and newer versions of Photoshop have the tool and are used the same.


The Pocky Box concept, characters, art, and website belong to JS, RL, JB, AO, & BB unless otherwise noted.