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imageThe Pocky Box consists of five artists around the United States; from California, Michigan, New Jersey, Massachusets, and Minnesota. Each of us have a unique anime style that differentiate us individualy. Check the artists below under their own section with descriptions.

The Artists
JS Avatar Initials: JS
The Web designer and developer of this site, and the only guy within the group. As a close friend, he was included in The Pocky Box group recently for a more varied group. His artistic skills are rather unawkward, but his coloring skills are bright and colorful.
Project website: https://javiersoto4.js-kunou.net
RL Avatar
Initials: RL
The creator of The Pocky Box group. Her ideal concept is for a group of artists to concentrate and enjoy art without the pressures of the audience or community. Her artistic personality reflects her works of art with emotion.
Project website: https://rtt.js-kunou.net
JB Avatar Initials: JB
Though the youngest of the group, her artistic skills are no joke. She improves quite vastly in short time. Her ability to critique well, plus her research of other artists' works, inspires her to keep improving.
AO Avatar Initials: AO
An artist feared for her great abilities to draw with a computer mouse--that even bests that of a graphics tablet user. She also draws and colors with such a softness with the use of pencils.
BB Avatar Initials: BB
An artist that uses similar inking methods as JS, her imagination is different and reflects in her art--and with emotion. She uses manga for inspirations for drawing and anime for coloring.


The Pocky Box concept, characters, art, and website belong to JS, RL, JB, AO, & BB unless otherwise noted.